Angel Nijskens Branding Strategist


owner / brand strategist

Angèl has over six years of experience as a Brand Strategist. She is specialized in personal branding, online reputation management, media & PR. She advises individuals and companies about how to build and promote a strong personal brand.

Based on the experience she gained from working with award-winning clients, she developed a proven method to build a strong personal brand. 

Angèl works with professionals, entrepreneurs, public figures and politicians who want to raise their profile and build their credibility as a thought leader.


Esther Nijskens Content Marketing Specialist


content marketing specialist

Esther specializes in content marketing, content creation and online media. She researched what makes content successful and updates this regularly. She has an eye for trends and developments in content marketing and online media.  

The results of this research are used to develop a proven approach for effective content creation and promotion. She applies this knowledge to advice and support professionals who want to strengthen their online reputation.