branding - nijskens branding agency

We personalize and strenghten brands.

With a renewed insight, razor sharp focus and useful tools, we help professionals, entrepreneurs and public figures to develop a strong personal brand.

We also support in content strategy, content creation, media & pr.

Formulating a distinctive message, for the right audience and various platforms, is a challenge for many people.

That's why we help develop a content strategy and support with content creation.

Our knowledge is based on the latest research, trends and developments in our field.

We apply this knowledge in professional blogging, email marketing, infographics, content calendars and social media marketing.

media pr - nijskens branding agency

Showcasing your expertise in the media has a positive impact on your brand value

But responding to the news, maintaining media relations and pitching ideas can be a time-consuming activity. 

With our innovative PR approach we can help you to develop an effective media strategy  

This approach not only adds value for you but also for the journalist and the medium's audience.