Beyoncé, Oprah and Richard Branson. Nike, Google and Red Bull. These are strong and successful brands because they dare to be different in both their brand and brand message. They use the following mix of ingredients to build a strong brand.


1. Authentic Value:

Your strengths and the way you use them in your daily work.

2. Value Proposition:

This is what makes you unique compared to someone else who does exactly the same thing.


3. Ideal Client

If you know who your ideal client is, it is easier to craft your message (any message!) while keeping their needs in mind.

4. Effective Medium

The (online) channels you choose to connect with your ideal client.


Do you struggle to stand out, to reach the right audience and/or choose the right (social) (media)channels? Do you feel like you lack focus or time to work on your brand? Do you put in a lot of effort but you do not achieve the desired results? Now is the time to find out why and change your strategy for success.

position your brand

Branding recipe

When you want to increase your visibility and/or start (re)branding, you can apply the above ingredients. This branding recipe helps you to build and promote your brand in a thorough and pragmatic way.

As branding experts, we are driven to trigger you to make the right choices, stay focused and develop your brand. Together we answer the following questions:

  • Branding: What is my value proposition and my distinctive message?

  • Online publicity: How do I position myself online?

  • Media & PR: How do I increase my visibility?

  • Spotlights: How do I choose the right stage or platform?

This ‘Branding Recipe’ is the starting point from which you can develop your brand in an efficient and effective way. The answers to these questions lay the foundation for building  your brand. You can choose to do this on your own or we can do this for you. Based on your needs and wishes we can support you with:

  • Branding

    • Monitor consistent and consequent branding;

    • Translate your authentic value to your brand voice;

    • Incorporate your value proposition in all communication;

    • Advice about effective use of media (channels) to reach your ideal client

  • Content

    • Generate blog ideas, gather input, write and promote (guest)blogs;

    • Build, execute and monitor email marketing campaigns;

    • Content creation for your website and/or social media;

    • Advice about the set up and optimization of your social media (especially LinkedIn).

  • Media & PR

    • Build and maintain media relations;

    • Execute PR and media according to your branding strategy;

    • Write articles/interviews,  propose and send pitch ideas;

    • Create an online newsroom/website.

content creation

Why (personal) branding?

  • You will increase your market value

    More and better leads, raise your prices, higher salary, early promotion and (maybe the most important thing) gain more recognition and satisfaction for your work;

  • You will stand out

    This is what makes you unique compared to someone else who does exactly the same thing;

  • You are authentic and add value

    Others see you as the thought leader in your area of expertise;

  • You will increase your self-awareness and improve your focus:

    Get noticed by the right audience and attract your ideal clients/customers/employers/investors or sponsors;

  • You will find ambassadors

    There is no better advertising than word-of-mouth advertising.

Do you want to start building your (own) brand? Let us know through the button below. We will contact you as soon as possible to discuss the possibilities.